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Our Vision

To provide a convenient solution to help keep
Atlantic Canadians connected while on the go.
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Committed To Our Region

We strive to keep more Maritimers connected by providing
the most smartphone charging solutions in public venues.

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Station Locator App

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Welcome to

“Oh no, my phone is about to die! Does anyone have a charger? Okay, I have to go!” If you’re like us and are tired of hearing and saying this, you’ve come to the right place. Free2Charge is dedicated to providing you with the freedom to charge your mobile device when you are away from your home, office or vehicle.

Welcome to and thank you for visiting! We are excited to announce a smartphone charging revolution for Atlantic Canada. Free2Charge gives you access to secure, smartphone charging stations in public areas. We are proudly here to relieve the anxiety of a dying lifeline!

Enjoy our site and stay tuned; we’ll be coming to a location near you!